Alexandria – Promise EP Review



  1. Complement
  2. You Ain’t Gotta Lie
  3. Problem (f. Lord Narf)
  4. Last Thing
  5. Pour (f. Father)
  6. Fly

One word = breathtaking. 

This EP was incredibly inviting. allowing the listener to feel both a groovy yet stern sensibility that only Alexandria can deliver. I love how powerful her words come across, while still captivating the listener with her seductive voice. Lord Narf and Father appearing on the tape was also quite the pleasure, showing just how close knit the awful records family truly is on songs.

First Impression:

The production absolutely blew my mind. It came across as way more than a R & B project, respectively. I think Alexandria has found a way to combine a multitude of genre’s within her music, which was present especially in the song “Last Thing“. Her abilities are so well rounded she could’ve rapped on that beat and it still would sound like the hottest project of 2016 thus far.

Favorite Song: You Ain’t Gotta Lie

I think this song defines who Alexandria is – a charismatic singer that makes you feel like you’re in outer space using her voice as a guide. Beauty like no other, this song was laid down in a simple, yet funky fashion.


Absolutely loved this EP. I do wish there were more tracks, alas it is just an EP, and it set the tone for Alexandria in 2016. From here on, I’m hoping to hear more work along the lines of this, and keep whoever is helping her produce!

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