Allan Kingdom – Northern Lights Review


  1. The Ride (Prod. Allan Kingdom & Plain Pat)
  2. The Forest (Intro)
  3. Fables (f. Chronixx) (Prod. Rex Kudo, Charles Handsome & Leon Thomas)
  4. Monkey See (Prod. Swizzy Mack & Mister Jojiman)
  5. Hypocrite (f. Jared Evan) (Prod. Jared Evan)
  6. Northern Lights (Prod. Allan Kingdom & Plain Pat)
  7. Renovate (f. D.R.A.M.) (Prod. Allan Kingdom & Plain Pat)
  8. Believe (Prod. Jared Evan)
  9. Disconnect (Prod. Allan Kingdom & Plain Pat)
  10. I Feel Ya (Prod. Ryan Olson)
  11. Interruption (Prod. Jared Evan, Allan Kingdom, & Ryan Olson)
  12. Go Fish (Prod. Allan Kingdom)
  13. Outta Pocket (f. Gloss Gang) (Prod. Adrian Lau & Jared Evan)


This album was quite the masterpiece for the young Allan Kingdom, who put in a considerable amount of work in 2015. This year, he decided to kick things off by releasing this free album through his website ( ) and various other music sharing outlets throughout the internet.

First Impression:

I have to say this was a new Allan Kingdom that I have no entirely heard before – the first song was definitely his trademark sound, but the rest of the project was geared more toward his singing side. The rawness in his voice is to be marveled, for it gave the songs a distinct sound that teetered along experimental. The song with D.R.A.M. was very surprising, but I thought it had it’s place withing the album. It showed the range both artists could enter vocally, and overall the production was great as usual, props to Plain Pat & Allan himself.

Favorite Song: The Ride

Believe it or not, the first song of the project was the one that capitvated me the most, probably because it is Allan Kingdom to me. But I appreciate the subtle trap within the beats.


In my opinion, Allan was more open in his lyrics – his subject mattered conveyed something heavy upon the heart, for you could hear it in each eccentric note he delivered in Northern Lights. All in all, appreciation for this new direction that Allan Kingdom is going in is a must, and I am very excited to see what more he has to offer in 2016.


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