Cozz – Nothin’ Personal Review


  1. Wake Up Call (Prod. Meez)
  2. All Eyez On Me (Prod. Meez)
  3. My Side (Prod. Meez & D2)
  4. Grey Goose (Prod. Meez & T. Lew)
  5. City of God (Prod. Meez)
  6. Choice Today (Prod. Meez)
  7. Grow (Prod. Meez)
  8. Who Said (Prod. Meez)
  9. Tabs (Prod. Meez)
  10. Tell Me (Prod. Meez)
  11. GWBW (Prod. Meez)
  12. Bonnie And Clyde (Prod. Meez & Mike Almighty)
  13. Guiness (Prod. Meez & Mike Almighty)

Hip Hop is still here.

Nothin’ PersonalĀ is the latest installment from Dreamville’s spitter Cozz, who put this album early for the 2016 year. Never disappointing with his projects, this one is to be admired, for it set the framework in bolstering Cozz’s popularity both as a lyrical and party rapper. He is sure to make you a fan with this one.

First Impression:

I was really digging the wordplay Cozz gave – connecting to street life while being able to give off the “f*** you, I’m the dopest rapper alive” vibes. He is anything but modest, and I like that style because it was shown to really work for him. In the era where the trap rapper is in demand right now, it felt good just to get back to bars, and that is exactly what Cozz did.

Favorite Song – Grey Goose

Although I’ll often rant about lyricism in rap, I loved this joint because it is the definition of relaxation. You know that feeling after a long day of work, and you happen to be off tomorrow, so you decide to unwind with a method of choice. I respect the grey goose shout out, and this song makes you feel like you just had a swig yourself. The adlibs were very abstract, as though your conscious was reacting to said substance through each shout and groan Cody Macc made. Perfect to get your 2 step on to, I played this nonstop after I first heard the track.


The tape started off pretty strong, and I think this is a good start for Cozz as the year progresses. Sonically, the production on each track was marvelous, big props to Meez. Definitely a 5 out of 5 tape.

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