Lil Reese – 300 DegreZz Album Review


Sum New
Some Out Nun (f. Jadakiss)
Feed The Fam
Still Workin
Come Around
Mo Weed
Sets Droppin (f. Benji300)
Seen or Saw (f. Rick Ross)

After all that has been happening with the drill scene, it brought me to joy to see Lil Reese still going at it in the rap game. His last two tapes (Supa Savage & Supa Savage II) kept him afloat in 2015, and generated a good amount of buzz throughout the year. But I appreciated this tape a bit more because it had a fewer amount of features, really introducing you to who Lil Reese and what is style is about. It was not too much of a surprise to see Jadakiss on a feature, since he does have history with the 300 affiliates, just a very dope collab in general. Classic drill tape already early in the year.

First Impression:

The beats were hard hitting, which over the years has become the signature sound for drill rappers. Not as many gun sounds this time around, Lil Reese was really about telling a message in this tape, whether it be from watching out for fake friends to being on the look out for opps. At times the repition in the lyrics did get irritating, but again that is another characteristic of the style, and being one of the originators of it, I see why he holds so dear to it. No Keef around was unexpected.

Favorite Song – Seen or Saw (f. Rick Ross)

Very real song, Reese has been through a tremendous amount of violence in his life, but when it goes down, mouths are closed. Kind of carries on the “No snitching” mantra, Rick Ross was, in my opinion, a decent addition to the song. Timeless Lil Reese style.


Worth the listen for all fans of drill music. You get a lot of more of Reese on this track, and of course that adrenaline rush from the slamming beats.

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