Pusha T – Darkest Before Dawn Album Review

M.F.T.R. – (f. The Dream)
Crutches, Crosses, Caskets
M.P.A. – (f. Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, The Dream)
Got Em Covered – (f. Ab Liva)
Keep Dealing (f. Beanie Sigel)
Retribution – (f. Khelani)
Sunshine – (f. Jill Scott)

I’m a believer.

This was an album I’ve been longing to review now, so here’s a little something I’ve put together. Honestly, I was never a fan of Pusha T, I prefered his brother over him big time. What made me listen was the intro. Right off the bat Pusha T came out strong, and honestly made me appreciate all the work he did put in while in Clipse. I’ll even recant – I can firmly say Pusha T is a legend in his own right. I was enthused when I heard he would be head of G.O.O.D. which is a HUGE accomplishment. His money is differenly long within the game. But back to the album, there wasn’t a single track I didn’t like. He plays this kind of O.G. in the rap game – having the ability to bully men on tracks and still flaunt is an art work. The bravado was welcomed, and it made me anticipate more work from him in the future. However, his catalog with Clipse does speak for itself!

First Impression:

It always takes me awhile to adjust to Pusha T’s unorthodox flow, but he came hard hitting right from the start. Without a doubt one of the cleaner pen games in rap currently; he can take about flipping Cocaine without telling on himself the way these younger trap rappers do nowadays. They will leave address and telephone numbers like people arent already being surveillanced enough. Anyway,  I truky was stunned to see the work Pusha T put in for this album. (You see the cover art??)

Favorite Song: Keep Dealing (f. Beanie Sigel)

It’s all about being able to lose it all and get it all back that really seperates the true hustlers from the dime bag dealers. Here, these men were able to establish MILLIONS, and still find a way to squander it all. But being the hustlers they are, tough times don’t last always. Motivation at it’s best.


For the generation of listeners that can even remember Pusha T, this is definitely an album to hear. Even for new listeners, you’ll be able to aplreciate a killer flow when yku hear one. He’ll steal ya chain if he’s msssin’ with you, don’t take his rhymes for anything light – he’s clearly proven to be a heavyweight in this hip hop game.

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