Sofa Brown – Two Skies Album Review


Cloud Atlas (f. Nickolas Wayne)
We Back (f. Evan Blocker)
The Goat
BOW (f. Fauna Halo & KDSML)
MO3 (f. Evan Blocker)
Jesus (f. Evan Blocker)
Ric Flair
Detach (f. Jo’shua Odine)
Attack Of The Clones
Out Here Boys (f. Evan Blocker)
The Circle


Sofa Brown is back in 2016 with a vengeance unseen before. Aided by Evan Blocker, the duo’s long overdue album Two Skies sets the entire scene for how this year will go – only dope music allowed. There’s really nothing more I can add out without the listener having to do the tough work, or rather relax since Brown delivered smooth lyrcisim mixed with overall bada**ery to help you ride along to this amazing album with ease. I advice EVERYONE to press play immediately.

First Impression:

I first came across Sofa Brown after a friend on twitter send me links to his hit Out Here Boys. That alone let me know he was a serious rhymer, and every song you’ll be able to see that what I say is true. He opens up about what struggle really is and what it’s like to go through, while not letting you forget that his lyrical ability is to be revered. The beats were a beautiful experience, something different from the monotnous trap noise we are becoming accustomed to. I don’t know, it really is all the right ingredients for a luxurious career in the game.

Favorite Song: Ric Flair

Bonkers, man. Wordplay is present and the puts in work from the start to end, didn’t bother to skip a beat. Ode to the great Ric Flair (and the samples!), I felt like I could go in the ring a couple rounds after listening to this. Just pure skill and DOPENESS.


Support. Follow him on twitter, and proceed to retweet and like it. Repost and like it on soundclound. Buy it in itunes. Keep real hip hop alive. These are turbulant times for the classic hip hop head… Sofa Brown is here to resolve all that!



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