Introducing: Wintertime Zi

Get to know Wintertime:

Wintertime is literally as cold as they get. His style consists mainly of the heavy usage of a slurred, singing voice – truthfully a more relatable Johnny Cinco. In no way do I wish to discredit his incredible portfolio of work though; disregard the insanely high listener counter on each of his tunes and you have an artist who is a pure example of somebody who can do it all. He’s produced some hits of his own (Thru It All, Cash, You Can Go), and has shown to be able to cross the bridge in lyrics between rappers that flaunt their substantial amount of wealth, to the everyday struggle of the individual trying to attain such pleasurable luxuries such as those. Anyone trying to get it on their own knows about the obstacles endured when chasing cash, yet Wintertime discovered a way to put those troubles on stimulating instrumentals. A real pioneer for the youth, Wintertime is one you will be sure to bump daily.

Favorite Song: Thru It All

Truth be told, I simply cannot get enough of this track. I’ll most likely never know what atrocities that he may have faced in his life, but this track is sure to be something that will uplift the spirits as you go and get it. All about the money, Wintertime wishes to live a lavish life countin’ hundreds somewhere on an island all day. His dreams are something we all want, yet even the struggle don’t stop him. On top of that, he can’t even stay down for too long; all it takes is one look in the mirror, in his case. This that motivation you need in life as you find a way to maneuver in this jungle called life. Straightforward beat, but potent lyricism, I can’t help but hit a dance every listen. Enough of my talking, press play

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