Max P – Hotel Hunnington Mixtape Review

Link to full tape:


101 FreeWay
Hangin’ Out Da Window
To start things off, Max P is definitely an unappreciated underground talent. I first caught wind of him last year, upon also discovering Wifisfuneral and SOLOMONDAGOD. I think that was when he was still in the Florida scene heavy, but since his transition to California, he’s been focusing heavy on crafting his own style. The beats are more crisp this time around, as well as his voice. It is very eccentric, as you can tell by the insane ranges his voice goes through on each track, and I honestly think it works perfectly for him. He slightly dropped the falsetto usage in his voice – either that or the drugs have made his voice deeper than his previous songs. Not only is his presence felt every song, his lyrcisim is very dark and adds to his already seemingly “crazy” image. A proud Crip (Not sure what set in particular), Max P is undoubtedly one of my favorite young artists to date and this is mixtape showed immense growth. It’s not my go-to moxtape from him, but I’m happy to see him releasing new sounds for 2016. And I do think he can top this, but in the meantime, press play on this wonderfully crafted tape.

First Impression:

This era of rap is currently centered around music that is meant to be danced to, in the most gangsta way possible. Max P delivers that kind of sound, with his own twist of aggressive lyrics mixed with beats meant to pound the eardrums. This is a little sidenote, but as many may be able to tell a lot of rappers nowadays claim to be Bloods or affiliated with them in some way, so it’s comforting to see a change in the game. Besides that, there wasn’t a single track from the start to end that I didn’t put on repeat. His use of autotune is better than a lot of rappers too – not an excessive amount, but just right to help aide his exhilarating adlibs. A perfect 10/10 if I had to rate it.

Favorite Song: Ghetto (Prod. AdamOnTheTrack)

I like this song because it sounds like a bunch of voices going on at once, but they came together in the strangest way. Probably a characteristic of Max P’s style, he definitely likes to talk about the troubles in his life, but not in the usual, rapper/preacher way. There’s just so much on one track it is sort of overwhelming upon the first listen, but that’s what I look for; a unique sound that is still pleasing to the ears. I feel like Max P put a lot of time on this track in particular, especially since he also chose to sing toward the end, and the vocals were just as clean.


It is currently available on , I advise everyone to give the man a listen. He is a fresh new sound, and this should be an eventful year. He already came hard in January, if this made you a fan then please stay tuned.

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