Curren$y – The Owners Manual EP Review


Hotnew Hiphop:


Table Of Contents
Sorry For The Wrath
Rainy Stunts
Came Up
Mallory Knox

Something Light.

Curren$y certainly has gotten more secretive about when tapes are planning to drop – I remember the good ol days when he would release almost a tape a month! “Month five, I’m not tired”.. remains his motto it seems, as he unleashes a new project for the new year, right after dropping an entire album in December. I won’t complain though, the more Curren$y music, the better.

First Impression:

Right away this sounded like a tape full of throwaway tracks. Now, I could be wrong, but I’d like to think Curren$y has so much music in his vault that he can’t help but keep giving it away. And I couldn’t even be mad, even if the lyrics are old he’s always pumping out projects with new ideas behind them. So, just like Future, this could very well be his warm-up into something even more lethal (Let’s hope!)

Favorite Song: Came Up

“The goal is to become untouchable”, that line hit me so hard from the very start. Seems like after all the work Curren$y has put into the game, he has not become complacent. He continues to grow in the game, which must be pretty hard for a guy that wishes to stay underground. But hey, when you’re as good as him, people can’t help but mess with you and your music.


Like I stated, this was a warm-up. Sounds too much like his Pilot Talk 1 & 2 days, but of course it still bumps. I’ve been a Curren$y fan for a very long time, so I feel like I kind of know his style, and he didn’t leave that in this tape. Same cool dude that just likes to smoke and kill the game. Enjoy y’all

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