Meek Mill – 4/4 EP Review


Pray For Em I’m Da Plug Freestyle
Gave Em Hope

Long overdue.


I’ll tell you right now, this project was something that should have BEEN done. I don’t know if Meek has been keeping track, but his public image has been in shambles recently. Of course, to everyone else the beef between him and Drake has been over, but Meek Mill still decided to drop this fire tape. Personally, I thought it was something rap needed right now. His signature aggression is ever so present here, but he doesn’t just hit you with random bars about his Rolex, he had a message this time around. Maybe this is exactly what he needed in order to turn things around for him and his career.

First Impression:

Meek Mill very rarely slacks with the beats. They always tend to have this trap-esque style to them, but he delivers straight bars, so I could never call him a trap rapper. A lot less yelling was performed on the EP, too; could be that the production was improved this time around. Either way, every track went in – I think Meek can definitely have a great year if he keeps putting out music such as this.

Favorite Song –I’m Da Plug Freestyle

He had plenty of fun on this track – which is something he often does while still delivering gems. I’m over the disses; that game ended a long time ago to me in rap, so this was refreshing to hear from Meek.


I don’t want to overshadow Meek’s effort by saying his efforts took a major plunder with the whole Drake ordeal. If you’re a Drake fan, you’ll even appreciate the tape. Simply good bars, you cannot complain with that at all on this EP.




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