Future – Purple Reign Mixtape Review

Hotnew Hiphop: http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/future-purple-reign-new-mixtape.116225.html

Live mixtapes: http://www.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/37995/future-purple-reign.html

Datpiff: http://www.datpiff.com/Future-Purple-Reign-mixtape.760632.html



Purple Reign Intro
All Right
Never Forget
Drippin (How U Love That)
Inside The Mattress
Hater Shit
Bye Bye
No Charge
Run Up
Perky’s Calling
Purple Reign

Very solid.

I was able to play this multiple times with no real quarrels. Quite often people will skim the tracks or just listen once and title it “trash”, so a review for a popular artists has to wait sometimes. This was a monumental tape for the fact that Future was able to link up with both DJ Esco (Official DJ) and Metro Boomin’ to bring us this amazing project. Did I mention Future calls this his warm-up tape? All I’m saying is get ready, y’all.

First Impression:

Okay, to be honest the tape was going well until Wicked came on, I just thought that was a random and horrible song. I originally thought the tape would continue like this, but knowing this team by now, the production only progresses. I’m not necessarily here for Future’s avid “drug use”, and the title Perky’s Calling is just odd as hell. Reminded me of breasts every time I hear it, if we’re being more honest. Those were the only 2 songs that weren’t sonically pleasing to me (Well Perkys Calling was GREAT, but that word gets me every time). It’s kind of criminal that he promotes the use of these drugs to his younger fans that look up to him simply because it’s what they like, but that’s one thing you have to charge to the game. Still a great tape overall.

Favorite Song: Inside The Mattress

This right here was the holy grail of the tape for me. I could give you some words about how I thought it was, but that would do it no justice. If you are a fan of the softer side of Future, this track is to be played immediately.

Conclusion: More or less an extention of Dirty Sprite series to me, I give it the thumbs up. I feel like Future has a better grasp of his influence in the game now, and he’s testing what it is exactly he can do now. This tape is a great example of that.

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