Nas – March Madness (Remix)

Current Sounds:

Cuban tobacco mouth, trap ni**a cologne, been had the OG’s respect

Man, it took me awhile to get around to this song for all the wrong reasons. It didn’t seem fathomable at first to put Nas on this beat, let alone realize he’s buddies with Future, so I put this off for a bit. Of course, the day I do play it, it did not disappoint at all. Nas spat from an older perspective, which is often hard for pioneers in this rap game that still try to reach out to the youth. Grown man bars to say the least, it was oddly appropriate that Nas rapped over this dope beat. He’s definitely at the point where he can have fun in the game; I think this song expressed that freedom while still letting people know N-A-S are the letters that spell…

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