Coodie Breeze – Fila Coodie 2 Mixtape Review


Here It Go
Lean On Me
Shawty Perfect
Witness f. Mike G
Keep It Up


First Impression:

FINALLY. I like any and all projects that Breeze puts out because he is such a chill cat within the game – he has the ability to take things over, but it seems like he is taking his time to perfect hos craft, and nobody can be mad at that. Aside from Breeze’s dopeness, It was exhilirating to learn know that Dexter Dukarus was behind the magic on these beats; listen to his work on soundcloud and you will see that creep trap sound is something he has on lock. If only we could be sure these two will be working more together in the future!!

Favorite Song: Lean On Me

I had to choose this one because it’s the track where Breeze really branched out – I never heard him sound like this before so to speak. It could have been the surprising usage of auto tune, or the trap heavy beat, but either way I think it was a bold and smart move for Coodie Breeze. He has a very monotone style that he used on the tape and in the past; maybe this is the start of something new for him and his sound


If this is your first time hearing of Coodie Breeze, try to find his works while he was under the name Pyramid Quince. You are sure to become a fan; there’s always something to look for in his wordplay. And of course, every beat speaks for themselves, the absolute perfect style for him. Not sure if he is still under the Awful Records name, either way support this project any way you can

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