Young Thug – I’m Up Mixtape Review


F Cancer (Boosie) f. Quavo
My Boys f. Ralo, Trouble & Lil Durk
For My People f. Duke
Ridin f. Lil Durk
Special f. Offset & Solo Lucci
Bread Winners f. Young Butta
Family f. Dora & Dolly



First impression:

With the first song being titled F Cancer, I wasn’t entirly sure where this tape was going to go. However, Thugger had a very specific tome he was using for this tape, and that was it came off as being centered around his people – whether that be family, friends, or whatever he might call his close ones. I could appreciate the difference on this tape; it was less about his possessions and wealth and more about his story being told and what he’s been dealing with lately with his rise to fame. To be very honest, I did think this was going to be Slime Season 3, and was distraught that this was all he was going to put out for awhile. But similar to Future, this was more of a warm up tape, so it’s only right to expect more from him for SS3.

Favorite Song – For My People f. Duke

It was a tie between this song and Family being my favorites because they both display the outstanding chemistry he has on tracks with people that have been there from the start. What really pushed this one over the edge was the creativity in the beat – serious props to the engineer. Even though I doubt live drums were used, it definitely gave off the sound of actual drums, and the consistency in that sound was, I thought, used to it’s full potential. I think Thugger has finally realized the influence he has, so being close to family could possibly be a tool for him to stay grounded within the game.


A lot of people will only play it because of the hit Hercules, but I think this tape has replay value for sure. It’s certainly not the best Young Thug to date, but it shows his growth in the game and a slight glimpse of where his head is at right now. Personally thought it was cool to see Thugger as a human – someone who cares about their family a ton, as well as those that helped get him to where he is now.

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