2 Chainz – Felt Like Cappin Mixtape Review

Datpiff: http://www.datpiff.com/2-Chainz-Felt-Like-Cappin-mixtape.762855.html

Live mixtapes: http://www.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/38144/2-chainz-felt-like-cappin.html


  1. Felt Like Cappin’
  2. MF’N Right
  3. Back On My Bullshyt f. Lil Wayne
  4. Not Invited
  5. Mindin My Business
  6. This Me, Fuck It 1


First Impressions:

2 Chainz is always proving to me why he is not your typical rapper with every new project he drops. Of course, they aren’t always his best efforts that he could be putting out, they are just what you need whenever they do drop. I mean, he has life lessons for days. He’s grinding incredibly hard to get his name out there, so in reality he has every right to relax. Yet he continues to drop quality projects such as this, which was short in nature, but perfect to the ears.

I gotta say that the list of producers for this project impressed me right off the bat; it shows what type of connections and chemistry 2 Chainz has with several different type of producers. Those Zaytoven keys get me every single time. It’s an art to be able to make a piano roll sound that dope. And 808 Mafia did their thing as always. I was even stoked to see the Lil Wayne feature because he has had a slew of ferocious cameos on songs this year himself.

Favorite Song: Not Invited (Prod. TM88)

“Use the Earth as my ashtray”. I had to pause the song when I heard that line, I was like “okay, 2 Chainz, I see you!”. This song just gave off the right vibes, that player talk you could jam out to. And of course, TM88 did it justice in every way possible.


As always, give this man 2 Chainz a spin. His songs really take you somewhere, in large part due to the amazing producers on the team for this mixtape. 2 Chainz has definitely grown from his old ways of rapping, where the bars were gritty and uncut, whereas now he is almost more of a storyteller. He has literally done what he set out to do, now the tales of late night convos and strip club promotions make him the talk of the town.

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