BLUES – On The Acid x GOLD/\/ [Official Music Video]

I know what you are probably thinking right now, and I don’t blame you: Why haven’t I heard this sh*t sooner?! Shoutout to saycheese tv for putting me on, I was drawn to the dude from the moment I clicked on the video link.

His style is, of course, the first thing you’ll notice about him. Not typical in the slightest, the pink furs and eye shadow are creative in their own rights. Rap is taking any and all directions right now, and I think it is a beautiful time. If you’re like me, and was able to get passed the abnormal attire, you probably realized that dude has BARS. I mean, I was not expecting him to drop lines about his uncle teaching him the ways of the trap game, and surprisingly enough, he was still able to make a gun look menacing in the video. I took the opportunity to listen to his soundcloud, and he has more hits like this hidden on there. He does have videos from years ago, but his style was a little more different; not as advanced as it is now. Anyway, give this cool video a play, it deserves the recognition.

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