Curren$y & Alchemist – Carrollton Heist Mixtape Review



  1. Cartridge
  2. Black Stripes
  3. Vibrations
  4. Disappearing Ink f. Styles P
  5. Inspiration f. Action Bronson
  6. 500 Pounds Of Gas
  7. The Mack Book
  8. 93 AMG
  9. Fat Albert f. Lil Wayne
  10. Smoking In The Rain

No touching Alchemist & Spitta.


First Impressions:

This tape gave me that Return To The Winner’s Circle/ Fin… feel to it, which obviously isn’t a Curren$y we all haven’t seen too much in a minute now. He’s still on his “let me talk my sh*t again” style of writing, but it has more of a calm feel to it; like he’s comfortable where he is right now. And with the slew of projects he’s put out, he has all the right, and this lightwork with Alch was the ultimate ear-pleaser. Alchemist has been in the game a long time now; it really would be an honor to work with a guy like him, and Curren$y did his thing and showed why he’s no longer just a weed rapper, but slowly turning into the bosses he grew up idolizing. The ball really is in his court now.

Favorite Song: Fat Albert f. Lil Wayne

Always a pleasure to see Spitta and Tunechi come together again, as they’ve been doing a lot of on songs in the past year, with the biggest hit probably being Bottle Of The Bottle. Here, I felt as though even if it is a Curren$y song, he still let Lil Wayne shine on the track and bring up a Weezy we’ve been missing. I mean, those bars were intense, like he’s been saving up those for awhile and only an Alchemist-produced beat could do the trick. Goosebumps every time I play it again.


You’d be missing hearing out on one of the hottest collaborations of 2016 if you don’t check this out! Curren$y just won’t stop putting out quality tapes, and this is yet another prime example of him in his zone, killing every beat he’s on.




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