Highkey Random – LSMMGW2 Mixtape Review


  1. Brothers
  2. Drug Paradise
  3. Ching Ching Ching
  4. Keys To The City
  5. Come With Me
  6. Middle Of The Blunt
  7. Movies f. Highkey Vontay
  8. Prescription
  9. Trendsetter
  10. Truth
  11. Thanks For Listening

Real Game.

First Impression:

Highkey Random (as you all should know due to his consistent appearance on the site) came through yet again with some extreme work. MallDidIt and Random have proved to be always able to conjure up some heat whenever they come together, with hits like Middle Of The Blunt and Keys To The City, to name a some. The title of the tape represents everything good in life; being less stressed, not ever having to worry about your money, and finally kicking back with the fattest pack all that money could buy. It’s truly an exciting tape – going back and listening to it several times and the lines just keep going in.

Favorite Song: Brothers (Prod. RhodyMajor)

“All my niggas with me, they my f*ckin’ brothers!” I know it’s pushing it being the first track and all, but it was just too good to pass. It speaks to the heart; when you’re in down bad it feels good to know you have back up. People come and go so swiftly nowadays, so it’s all about who has always been there, and that is some real game being spat by Random. And those “Yeah!” adlibs gets a brotha turnt!


If you’re in need of something real right now, I’d give this a play. Follow Highkey Random on his twitter: @HighKeyRandom_ and his soundcloud: highkeyrandom



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