Masuta Para – Ballaz Pain Mixtape Review


  1. Pain Intro
  2. Sad Benzo
  3. What Makes A Pimp Cry (Skit)
  4. Textin 2 Pimp (SFV) f. Polygamy 
  5. Gohan $$$$$ f. Katalyst

Young classic.

First Impression:

This album defined the summer of 2015 for me. Although Masuta Para is immensely unpredictable when it comes to dropping his sounds, this one couldn’t be let up. As always, his production is top notch throughout the entire tape; a quality not often heard from upcoming artists, to be exact. Definitely will leave new listeners in awe with that alone, but his witty lyricism is sure to capture most as well. “She gon marry me, bruh/ she gon marry me, bruh!”, Masuta is out to change the game one ingeinous bar at a time. A fan since the early days of the Emerald Green (V.2) drop, Masuta’s progression in the game has me hopefully for what he has to cook up for the future.

Favorite Song: Sad Benzo (Tripped & Slipped)

Exclusive for the bandcamp purchasers of the tape, this’ll definitely make you love Masuta’s style. Trippy wouldn’t be enough to describe the track, for it felt like a journey for the ears, especially when played at higher volumes. He showed more of his creativity with beats on this, I think, because it sounded like he was able to have more fun experimenting with the sound. Told y’all he was nice with it!


Definitely worth checking out the bandcamp version available here: .

More in store from the wizard Masuta, check on his twitter to keep up:


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