Max HC – Back And Forth EP Review


  1. 55
  2. Back And Forth
  3. Los Dos
  4. Hourglass

And you thought YOU were a rapper, pfft.

First Impression:

Max HC is definitely what you would consider an emcee – able to juggle complex bars in not one, but two languages while skating over these well produced beats. Like, the talent is assuredly jaw dropping. I can only imagine the process he goes through to conjure up this madness; it’s unlike anything I’ve heard from an upcoming artist thus far in 2016. It’s real and honest – he laid his heart out on these beats and it shows with every unbelievable line he drops throughout the whole EP. He has cocaine in his hourglass, how DOPE is that?

Favorite Song: Los Dos

“Should I go skate or get my doctrine?” I like this one purely for the nonstop flow that Max delivered; how his tongue was able to keep up will always be a mystery to me, but appreciated nevertheless. And then the language crossover; you didn’t really need to understand the language to assume more heat was still being spat that entire verse. Felt like a page out of his own personal diary, with the easy going beat to usher in the realness he was about to say. And shouts out BOSTON in the end!


Play this while you skate. While you’re about to get a session going. While you’re about to hit a lick. While you’re contemplating life’s toughest questions. However it is, max volume is the only right way to digest these heavy bars. Show Max HC some love on his twitter:

And Soundcloud:


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