OG $kyWalker – Roach Blunt 2 EP Review


  1. I Get High
  2. CPUMW




First Impression:

I’ll admit, OG $kyWalker is fiercely underrated, but this tape he stepped the game up to the perfect level. I was immediately blown away when I heard the first song, he just flowed so effortlessly on it, and the hook was crazy by itself. I’ve watched a good chunk of his videos and heard all the tapes on soundcloud to know that his bars are always A1, so the continuation of that onto this tape was very cool to hear. As much as I still bump his Trial & Error Lvl 1 EP, this one has taken precedent for a few days because it’s just that dope.

Favorite Song: I Get High

I mean, hey. Ain’t know secret that the legendary $kyWalker likes to toke, and I don’t think it would be wrong to assume he was doing just that during the creation of this track. Feels like when you’re just about to light the tip of the blunt, but you need some music to get the mood right, and so you play this wonderful tune.


I just wish it wasn’t so short! He had some great hits on this tape, can only pray we get more of this in the near future. Follow his soundcloud for more of his incredible mixtapes: og-kywalker and twitter: OG_Skywalker617


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