Pistola – XAN$ & OJ EP Review



  1. Wassup Wit The Fu
  2. Come On Baby
  3. 1 More Time
  4. Bones
  5. Swang
  6. 100 Dollar Bills f. Taylor & Highkey Random
  7. So Fuc’n Steeze

Pimp talk at it’s finest.

This tape pretty much set the tone for how the rest of my March mentality would go. Pistola has mastered the art of the pimp talk, as I believe this may be his finest work to date. He’s dishing out bangers after bangers, and there’s still no sign of letting up from the SUII god. Funniest line of the tape was when he goes “I’m a real nigga, I don’t make love/ cop the neck then give her a hug”, because it shows that this man is really about that no love lifestyle. There was definitely more charisma on this track, so any first time listeners will easily be grasped by the chill yet comical rhymes he brings.

Favorite Song: Swang (Prod. Chris Romero)

Literally half the tape had honorable mentions for this spot, but this song stood out for several reasons. Heavily influenced by veteran swangers such as Fat Pat, Z-Ro, Trae Tha Truth, and DJ Screw growing up, this song just brought me back to their music. It’s slightly more sped up in tune compared to songs of that screw genre, but it had me feeling like I was swangin’ too. Pistola did his thang on this one, for sure.


BUMP! I can’t tell you enough how much Pistola is getting better at what he does, so do not sleep on this and spread the word! Tell him what you thought on his twitter: @Vote4DonaldDump or soundcloud: HIGHKEY SuiiMob


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