Reek-Money – The Man The Myth The Legend Mixtape Review



  1. Make Believe
  2. Hustle Up
  3.  Ying Yang f. Pistola
  4. SippinLean Pt2
  5. PULL UP
  6. BLOW
  7. Say She In Love
  8. Tomorrow f. Pistola
  9. Whole Lotta
  10. Niis X Reeks – Freestyle
  11. I’m the Avatar

So many jams in one place.

First Impression:

Reek-Money is a frequent flyer on the website, so imagine how stoked I was to find out he dropped his first official mixtape, hosted by none other than Johnny Tsunamii himself. It was time this came through, and it was a great listen form beginning to end. He really has a talent for the freestyle, as most of these were, and it gets better with every hard beat that Tsunamii delivers. Not only do they work well together, but Reek and Pistola at once is a lot to handle. This is the first of, I hope, many mixtapes coming from Reek-Money, and what a dope way to start off the mixtape game. He’s still one of my favorites out now, and this pretty much confirmed to me why!

Favorite Song: Say She In Love

With the accompanying video!: .

Hard to trust many dames nowadays because you never know what they really want; whether it’s d*ck, drugs or what have you, they remain the world’s biggest mystery. I like to watch this when the session is at it’s peak, the visual are soothing to the eyes and brain, man. As hard as Reek often goes, it was cool to hear him with the wavy flow on a beat, one time.


Support the man and his first official mixtape by download and listening on datpiff:

Or hit up his twitter: @1ReekMoney




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