Cbakl – Next Realm [Album Review]


  1. Fire Cypher f. Seamus Kirk, Warlocks, Kenny Blade & TheGreatestArtistAlive
  2. Love Me Or Leave Me f. Deezie
  3. Abilities f. Uncle Fester
  4. NI Noire f. J $OUL
  5. Space Cowboys f. TwanTheDawn & Newport Neji
  6. Goku IQ f. Jay Remi
  7. Funky Shit f. Cosmo D’Cipher
  8. Horns f. Twan The Dawn & Obiijuan


A real beatsmith at large.

First Impression:

Out of all the trap that gets posted onto the site, this boom bap heavy album was like a breath of fresh air. Cbakl is truly a beatsmith – able to match instrumental loops effortlessly with an given artist. The diversity on the album is a real treat; it kept me on my toes for new flows and different approaches to the creation and formation of the beats. I think that is where Cbakl  has the upper hand on a lot of beatmakers I listen to – they are afraid to venture back to boom bap sounds because it isn’t generally the center of rap at the moment, but here Cbakl put it under a much needed spotlight. I can’t applaud the rappers enough; some flows were fast paced with multiple verbiages being used, while others were moved much slower, but had powerful impact behind the words. This came together to be an album I would surely recommend, not just for hip hop purists, but lovers of feel good music everywhere.

Favorite Song: NI Noire f. J $OUL

I’ve heard that hilarious sample before, so it pulled me right into wanting to hear the whole song. And I was no disappointed in the slightest, Cbakl placed J $OUL on a classic loop, with the creepy piano keys in the back to give an intensity to the beat. It reminded me of one of the first songs that was ever attempted from me, a tune about a woman, no doubt. His words cut deep because they were sentiments that were all too familiar, wondering if you are on their mind as much as they are on yours, knowing what the answer truthfully could be. Such a touching song!


Keep on the lookout for more projects coming from Cbakl, he’s set to have something special for the summer. Definitely worth listening to the beat tape as well, but appreciation has to be shown for all the emcees that came out and made this beautiful project possible. Few can do it like Cbakl, get ready for more and follow his twitter to tell him what you thought about his project: @ApexVibes


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