Scooba Steve – Suburb City [Album Review]


  1. Motivation (Intro)
  2. Skate Board
  4. L.W.I.C.F.
  5. Party House (Preview)
  6. Only Thing
  7. Slow Down
  8. Put On
  9. Johnny Tsunamii
  11. GARVIN
  12. Epic
  13. Mexico
  14. Netflix & Chill
  15. Cutah
  16. Free Rein
  17. Feel It In My Chest Pt. 4
  18. HowItGoes f. Teemonee


Stunting meets perseverance. 

First Impression:

The highly anticipated Suburb City has finally made it’s arrival, and I’ll be the first to say “Wow”. Scooba Steve has been through a lot the past couple years in order to deliver such a masterpiece as this, and it’s impossible to ignore; with the exuberance of dedication and plenty of superb songs, you can tell a lot of time was taken into crafting what is Suburb City. I’m a fan of the slow, anticipation flow that Scooba often brings, but this was loaded with club bangers and generally real songs people could relate to, as well. It centers around the crippling struggle of trying to reach the top and maintaining those riches forever, but if Scooba continues to push out projects like this, that could all but happen sooner than the music world knows. All I can implore you to do at this point is vibe out to this because you’re going to love every moment of this stunning tape.

Favorite Song(s):

  • L.W.I.C.F.

To me this just embodied the sound of Scooba Steve – it has the honest lyrics and atmospheric beat, the types often responsible for great vibes. His vocals had their time on this track; he was able to vary the ranges and it still come out pleasurable to the ears.

  • Feel It In My Chest Pt. 4

Again, a proper installment to what was the “Feel It In My Chest” songs Scooba has been known to do. I feel like he always bares it all on beats like this; the ones that make you reflect about what and where you are in life. I do not a lot of artists that have the freedom he does to have his heart on his sleeve and its still be a song you can listen to on a daily – because the truth is something so often hidden, I applaud Steve Scooba for being so real.


The inclusion of skits was like the cherry on the top for Suburb City. A lot of tapes are just artists rapping, and not so much telling a story or attempting to bring it to life. The skits helped to do that, and Scooba’s overall charismatic and style-driven raps were perfect for the vibe of the tape. If you’re looking for something with all those additions, along with bangin’ beats and honest lyricism, this is certainly the tape you should be bumping day and night. All in all, Suburb City was a beautiful project, and it will without a doubt be on rotation for quite awhile.

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