RAPH – Honest English Mixtape Review

Datpiff: http://www.datpiff.com/RAPH-Honest-English-mixtape.768436.html


  1. Overture
  2. Show Love
  3. Bankrolling
  4. Come To The Crib
  5. Nights
  6. Y.N.T.D.
  7. The Business
  8. Ending
  9. Honest For You


Bonafide West Coast sound

First Impression:

If I could unpack what I think the signature west coast sound was onto a singular project, it would undoubtedly be RAPH’s Honest English mixtape for a plethora of reasons. Coming from Sacramento, California, the west side emcee is the epitome of a modern day p-funk style. The first track sets the scene for the tape, coming off as completely serene and a delicate intro. RAPH has serious talent when it comes to creating bangers; I can truly imagine his hits like “Bankrolling” and “Nights” being played at a club or party, simply because they are lively joints that make you want to move. Then we have our sensual tracks like “Come To The Crib”, and I’ll be the first to say that I really like this one. It shows how creative and catchy his hook ability is with each song because every single one had immense replay value to me. RAPH knows how to have fun, and that’s definitely present in his vibrant and funky songs that made for the perfect mixtape. Seriously, I love playing it back to back because of the vibes it exudes.

Favorite Song: Y.N.T.D.

WHO IS THIS?! Oh yeah, RAPH was talking big game on this song, and it was a cool switch up from the content that the majority of the mixtape was centered on. It was notable that the aggression was not over the top either, rather RAPH dropping gems on a steady track while on the quest to make his name bigger. The way he talks you would think he’s been in the game for years, which shows how mature he comes off as opposed to a lot of bubble gum rappers of today. Definitely cruise music, too.


“People rap and like to start off fresh and then they lose it..” Do yourself a huge favor and give this immaculate tape a couple of spins if you appreciate relaxing vibes and really catchy bars with a purpose. The production was so clear cut, not only will you be able to comfortably bump to every word RAPH spits, but you’ll be able to dig those fresh beats even more. Overall, one of my favorite projects coming out of 2016 already. Stoked to hear what else he may have in store for his listeners this year.

Make sure to follow his soundcloud and twitter: @therealRAPH_



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