Cooliecut – KID DEATH CHAPTER ONE [Mixtape Review]

Katana music:


  1. Silent Kill
  2. Shitmas
  3. Kid Death Pt.2
  4. BY
  5. Rennigan
  6. Emotions
  7. Feelings


First Impressions:

Man, what a wavy project. Cooliecut is one of a kind – I’ve never heard a rapper use sword references the way the he does, it was kind of like a cool difference from gun puns, although he approached using those smooth as hell.. It reminds me of what an anime rapper would sound like (if he was ever down to start that movement, who knows). He embodies a free spirit on every song, as he’s not afraid to dispel personal experiences that are just relatable to anybody listening. I really like that euphoric appeal his music has; the beats were very experimental and coincided wholly with his easy flow. Left me wanting a lot more music from Kid Death

Favorite Song: Feelings

I was heavily diggin’ the monotone flow this whole song, and the beat really does something to the soul. Something you roll to, light to, and smoke to; a certified classic in my books. “I’m feelin’ real lit” should really be an anthem, as it creates vibes unmatched to any other song on the project.


A must listen. Absolutely stoked to hear a chapter two or whatever might be next for Cooliecut. Follow his soundcloud to hear some of his other dope songs: and follow his twitter to tell him what you think of the tape @cooliecut




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