Johnny Tsunamii – TX EP [Review]

Ventures from Texas:


  1. Off The Plane
  2. A Lot
  3. Cameo’d Up
  4. WWF
  5. Taxing


Johnny’s cookin up something special

First Impressions:

This was a pretty awesome summary of what it was like at SXSW in Texas for Johnny Tsunamii, as he brought his journey to listeners in the form of this dope EP. Off The Plane couldn’t have set the tone of the tape any better, and I really enjoyed the relaxed paced he flowed in, as if he was sitting you down and telling you what went down right there. He definitely hasn’t lost any of his initial hunger to get his sound out, as he used the trip to the best of his advantage while he was out there. Even while he’s kicking back his bars are still top notch and as a huge fan of his beats this is yet another tape to look out for.

Favorite Song: A Lot

Cool vibes all on this track, it’s been a session favorite for me in the last week. No lie, the the hook is extremely catchy, and every time I think of this EP that song always sticks out because it’s such a laid back song to repeat. The extended pronunciation of wordplay made me feel like he was spitting some serious pimp talk; boss song to say the least.


I gotta say with every tape that comes out his style has proven to only enhance, and this tape is a good insight on where he is right now with it. If you follow him on twitter, he said this recap is just a snippet for what he has in store for the rest of 2016, with even bigger tapes set to drop very soon. Follow him @JohnnyTsunamii_ and hear some more of his incredible catalog via soundcloud here:


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