A gift from Hazy:


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Orlando’s Hazy is preparing to drop his first album of 2016 entitled IKILLEDTHEKIDS, and Reserved Jams has the pleasure of previewing the cover art for fans to see. This is major, for Hazy has been putting out a plethora of hardcore rap music all year, from a range of singles to his innovative HUNTING EP that dropped last month. At the moment the official release date is unknown, but be sure to follow his twitter for updates on when this project is set to release @officialHazy

For all first time listeners of Hazy, his style borders a grunde type rap, with high vocal ranges perfectly matching the head knocking beats he often covers. The songs are based around the current trap sound present in rap, with chorus repetitions that always reach a climax in his songs strong enough to induce a riot. They give a very energentic feel, and I can definitely envision large moshpits being performed at his concerts. His style bridges the gap between the experimental rock and rap world, and I think anyone listening will agree that Hazy and his crew is on the rise.

Here are a couple of links to his songs I’ve posted on the site:



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