Smoke Dza – Outside My Mind | 4-19-2026 | Petty Murphy (Prod. Flying Lotus)

Current Sounds:

Since Smoke Dza and Lotus were kind enough to take their time to craft these incredibly dope songs, let’s take it step by step, shall we?

  • Outside My Mind: Appreciate the snippets from his interview with the legendary B Real, this intro to the journey felt like when you first board a locomotive of some sort. Cruising in the morning air, Smoke Dza calmly ushers you into the next phase of the song
  • 4-19-2026: An intermission almost, now begins the slower paced , cinematic flow Dza. This ethereal game Dza spit could infact be due to smoking too much, but nevertheless it takes you into the easing mind of him. Although nowhere near the same locations, it felt like you were about to spark up with the man himself with those waves produced by Flying Lotus.
  • Petty Murphy: Alas, his interview with Snoop soldified him as a legend in my book, and a real connosoir of the gangja. Even with his status, real life always comes into play, but Smoke dodges the troubles with every bar he carries the listener through. Slash respect the Kush God for eternity

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