Champz – Suburban Cowboy [Mixtape Review]


  1. Made For This (Prod. Bearded Legend)
  2. Suburban Cowboy (Prod. CJ Beats)
  3. Run My City f. Mr. J1S (Prod. Prince Productions)
  4. What’s Up
  5. Familiar (Prod. Doug G)
  6. Nick VS Champz (Prod. Luxe)
  7. Change Gunna Come (Prod. Scott Mix)


Yee Haw Hip Hop Heads!

First Impression:

How often are you laced with jaw dropping bars as soon as you press play? Hailing from Long Island, New York, Champz is surely an artist to be admired. I first heard of Champz through video tweets of him rapping that were being shared by Doug G and the Bearded Legend of The Brotherhood, and was instantly hooked. His artillery-paced flow is put on stage with his Suburban Cowboy tape, and the honesty that pours out from every track is indeed an element missing from Hip Hop today. “Made For This” starts the call off to all gimmicky rappers that are currently polluting the game today (and I know more than half cannot rap as good as he even did on this track). The overall life of Champz, described specifically in “Suburban Cowbowy” and “Familiar” is relatable in a lot of ways; stories of trying to snag a honey and turning up are all too real. What sets him apart from your average being was the hot bars delivered on Run My City – no awkward pauses or slip ups, you would’ve thought he was kin to so much of the talent that came before in his city. I mean, I was just blown away upon hearing this track. Also enjoyed the “Nick VS Champz” track because it was it’s own story; battling between two identities that have a hard time coming together, but both making up who you are. A treat for all fans that miss rappers maintaining the fundamentals of hip hop.

Favorite Song: Run My City f. Mr. J1S

Felt like a volley of lyrical arrows were raining on my ears the first time I heard Champz flow on this. It had this peculiar roller coaster effect to his flow that was really intriguing, holding back no punches as he completely obliterates this beat. “Tell me if you wanna ride” is such a catchy line (Because I damn well can’t recite those bars!!) and I appreciated Mr. J1S’s monster verse, as well. He was the perfect match for Champz on this song, and their back and forth chemistry just made for an amazing track.


In the era of “swag rap” it is always a pleasure to run into a tape that makes you remember what this game is all about. One of the most honest tapes of 2016, I implore everyone that visits this page to give this tape a spin. Champz is really out here, and by that I mean he is an artist who is constantly trying to improve his craft and tell his story the best way he can. You’ll definitely pick up a key to life on this incredible tape. Follow his soundcloud and twitter for more, and don’t miss this important interview he recently had


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