1. ALLSTAR++ (Prod. Raina Milen)
  2. FONK++ (Prod. tyeisgod)
  4. GO++ (Prod. ICYTWAT)
  5. MONEY++ (Prod. xoxaineDEEZY)
  6. BLUE FACES++ (Prod. Chris Majer)
  7. SADA++ (Prod. SadJC)
  8. SHUT IT DOWN++ (Prod. Ichanel)
  9. KNOW ABOUT ME++ (Prod. $ilent Rico)
  10. OUTRO++ (Prod. SAVOCA)

++++++++++++++++++Static Overload++++++++++++++++++++++++

First Impression:

Baton Rouge’s top rhymer PICOTHAPLUSMAN drops off his first official project ” HITMAN++” to start off the summer, and folks, you’re not going to want to skip a single track on here. ALLSTAR++kicks the journey off in a perfect way – a hyped filled track that demonstrates his stunning lyrical ability with a mesmerizing sample that carries you through to the next phase of the tape. Although his flow usually has a quicker tempo on most tracks, “FONK++”, “CRUEL HARMONEY++”, and “SADA++” display a more smooth and persuasive flow, with his voice swaying so effortlessly on the beats. GO++ is a straight banger – that “uh oh, aye” adlib was an effective intro and definitely something one could bop to. His slang is native to his Baton Rouge upbringing, and gives him that appeal that you don’t hear too often in the game right now. Him and his Taliban crew truly remind me of a young and ambitious Master P, with a modern twist, of course. I think OUTRO++ was executed very well, too – a lazy, bass thumping instrumental that closes out the project on a great note. It concludes the introductory story that is PICOTHAPLUSMAN but doesn’t let the listener forget that there is more dopeness in the near future, like a rap happy ending after tape well done.

Favorite Song: KNOW ABOUT ME++

To me this was the song that made the tape and really establishes what PICOTHAPLUSMAN is all about. The title in this case truly does say all, and I think this was an essential track for HITMAN++ because it displays all the versatality he has in his music – fast or slow he can not only spit better than a large percent of artists out now, he’s also one of the few that can consistently drop complete songs such as this. Just from the start “I got that iron on me” you knew this was going to be something fierce, and as always PICOTHAPLUSMAN delivers to his fans.


Would really enjoy seeing him perform in Boston someday. PICOTHAPLUSMAN is no longer upcoming with this tape, he is here to stay. This tape really grew on me, and as a fan, 10 songs simply was not enough! But in all seriousness, this is your opportunity to watch an artist blow right before your very eyes. It’s only a matter of time: complete bodies of work such as HITMAN++ cannot be ignored for long. Appreciate this tape to the fullest and blast it as much as you can.




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