Slim Guerilla – Playa Creep (Prod. SavZilla) [Official Video]

Passion Corp Here 2 Stay:

Came across this magnificent video by Slim Guerilla via twitter a few days ago and could not stop watching it. To be fair, my first thought when I heard him was that he had a Lil Corb type flow with a millennial twist, but this video helped me to discover he’s been doing his thing  for a minute now with songs over 4 years old. Any and all recognition of him is well deserved because not many are able to carve out their own lane and stay true to themselves regardless of views and reactions. Guerilla’s flow is undeniably smooth and every bar felt authentic because he was rhyming at a pace that has clearly been mastered. I do wish the song was longer – however, anyone listening could agree that this is a song that stays on repeat. As a new fan, I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more and diggin’ through his personal crate because this had me hooked from the first listen onward.

Follow him via twitter (@SlimGuerilla) and youtube to keep track of the passion pimp

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