The BlackSon – Wiretaps (Music Video)

Check ya phones:

“The one in cuffs ain’t ‘sposed to be the victim..”

If my phone tapped I’m hoping it was while they caught me bumping to this masterpiece by The Blackson, who resides in the music city aka Nashville, Tennessee. Extremely grateful for the friend that put me on to this video because since then it has been a requirement to watch the entirety of this spectacular clip. Advise all first time listeners and viewers to get ready.

The first two minutes of what feels like a short film definitely draws listeners in – the shots appeared so cinematic and the slow motion effects really emphasized the severity of the raps that were about to go down. I couldn’t wait, and when that chorus came in introducing The BlackSon’s slow yet effective flow it all came together perfectly to my ears. The amount of bars you can quote upon that initial listen conveyed to me just how talented of an artist he is, far removed from your average rapper. His ability to break down social issues into a very relaxed flow that anybody growing up in the streets (or if you’ve been paying attention in the news!) could relate to was definitely what made it stand out the most. 

“If gun control is real, we gon be hidin’ pistols..”

Of course, the ending of the video also really did it for me, creatively speaking. The cops inability to track down any suspects as The BlackSon stayed 3 steps ahead was just the twist needed; a quality in music videos that I have not come across too much of this 2016 season. The “speakin’ in code to the homies” repetition was so gritty, one has to make the stank face as they recite that dopeness. 

Be sure to check out his website for all ways to connect to The BlackSon and be sure to spread this video to everyone you know and forgot about!!

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