HighkeyRandom f. Bechamel Remi – Choppers (Prod. LDGBeats) [Official Video]


“Choppa make a mothafucka rain dance…” – I feel this shit in my soul, brah!

Lord knows this song desperately needed a video, and finally, here we have “Choppers” for all eyes to witness. Shot by one of Boston’s best shooters (DeLaGoya if ya haven’t heard), this is exactly what entering 2017 should look, feel, and sound like. The whole crew is here which creates the classic squad video, but with the Goya touch, there’s something a little bit more magical going on here. Random comes through with some serious go-getter inspiration music on this track, and it’s clear he really does go hard even during soundchecks because this is the best he has sounded to date.  And truth be told, him and Remi make for a magnificent duo. Remi’s vocals on this were superb; complimenting Random’s style while flexing his own for a few lines, too. It does no service to watch this just once or twice – in fact, ya might want to keep this going for the rest of 2017.

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