Patrick Michel – Side Effects [Mixtape Review]


  1. Intro (f. Spragoo) 
  2. Side
  3. Off The Shits
  4. Hallelujah
  5. TRAP (f. K.O.D.)
  6. Three (f. Serg)
  7. Virgil Abloh
  8. Off White
  9. Perfect
  10. Outro

Shamrock never looked greener.

First Impressions:

With all of the madness 2017 has ushered in thus far, Patrick Michel’s Side Effects tape was the antidote fans needed, and it was nothing short of an incredible auditory experience. The rising “Off The Shits” artist dropped off his work appropriately for St. Patrick’s Day, matching the hype that it was shrouded in and continues to have immense replay value weeks after its release. For me, what this tape demonstrated in particular was an uncanny sense of focus – there is a lot of music being made everyday in Boston, but the Brockton native seems to know exactly what it is that he wants for himself and his craft, and ultimately it showed throughout this tape.

Aside from a few local heavy hitters contributing to the production side (Johnny Tsunamii, MyCompiledThoughts, Jonathan Cloud, LoLoTheGod and GrandCruu), it cannot go unnoticed that Patrick Michel’s voice just sounds good wherever one puts it. Right from the beginning with Intro, the impromptu freestyle from Spragoo is aided by the eccentric lyricism of Patrick Michel, and this energy set the mood for the entirety of the tape. Side and Three show his deep appreciation for his roots and the surroundings that influenced his being, especially the people rockin’ with him (shout out the Haitians!). His ability to make hardships and obstacles sound like triumph while keeping an overall positive resilience to his content with uplifting anthems like Off The Shits and Hallelujah truly convey just how versatile his approach can be.

Favorite Songs:

  • Perfect: “B*TCH I THINK I’M PERFECT”

Arguably the anthem of 2017. How can you not scream this from the top of your lungs every single time you hear it? First off, serious credit given to GrandCruu on the beat one time. This beat really brought Patrick Michel’s voice to life and allowed for all types of ranges to be introduced, with every “Ooh Ohh Oooh Ooh” ringing perfectly to the ears. The Drip From My Walk and Country Grammar remix could not have been positioned and done more brilliantly, which is a true testament to the creativity of Patrick Michel. The mixture of surreal raps paired with angelic vocals is sure to overwhelm first time listeners in a good way, but an even better way to nearly close out the tape.

  • TRAP f. K.O.D: “Iverson’ll tell ya Jordan was crossable, I do not see obstacles”

This was the track where it felt as though Patrick Michel was really in a zone and the hard bars were immediate proof. The hook was subtle but got a major boost when it came time for the verses. That line alone still blows my mind – the way Michel says it gave the line more aggression and several times I had to pause the song right there with jaws dropped. K.O.D. was a prime choice for a feature because he is another artist that seemingly does this in his sleep, giving one of the craziest verses I’ve heard in a minute. The chemistry between the two artist was so well constructed and clear that one can only hope Patrick Michel decides to do a few more loosies with K.O.D.

Conclusion: After hearing Off The Shits a few months prior, my increased yearning for more of his work was satisfied with the Side Effects tape. It is one thing to see effort, but for someone to actually put in the time needed to create such an amazing body of work and deliver without slipping up is a marvel. If you are a recent fan such as myself or completely new to the name Patrick Michel, this is something that needs immediate play. Plenty of artist like to say that the city has their back, but Patrick Michel is clearly leading the pack and it is only a matter of time before others start to understand what it truly means to make great music.

*For more on Patrick Michel, please be sure to follow on Twitter @patrixkmichel as well as soundcloud. Don’t forget to check out his recent interview with Fresh Out The Mint available here:

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