Khamaal – 500 Shades (Prod. by Story)

“I’m following my heart cuz the brain is just nonsense…”

The God Body rapper hailing from Paterson, New Jersey known as Khamaal is steady making an inevitable comeback while planting seeds of future growth for his tranquil video 500 Shades. “The devil takes many forms to knock you off your focus” as he tokes on a good ol’ blunt so casually, Khamaal is the embodiment of an artist that simply is incapable of wasting a bar – for much like the video, it is natural and just what he does on the daily. The amount of gems mentioned in each line is honestly an overwhelming understatement on my part, but I can at least say that this will be on constant repeat for all those that appreciate killer wordplay. If you’ve been following him on social media, you would know he raps damn near everyday on Periscope, and those dope lines undoubtedly poured out all over this soothing instrumental. As a personal favorite lyricist of mine, it would behoove me not to mention the recent tape he dropped titled “StoryMode EP” available on soundcloud below. Be sure to show major love for Khamaal and the serious work he is dishing out with ease!

StoryMode EP:

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