Vintage Lee – Bless You (Official Music Video)

“Why would I talk a lot if I don’t even know you?”

Bless You is the latest video drop from Boston’s Vintage Lee, and is everything people need right now to prepare for those unforgettable summer vibes. For those that have been paying attention, it has become apparent that every time Lee manages to drop a video or song, the buzz latches on for a hot minute, and this incredibly jiggy track is certainly on course to keep the rare name afloat. “Carry myself like an OG like I’m supposed to” is a bit of an understatement, for Lee has this undeniable swagger that seems infectious as she sways back and forth, hitting her pimp walk throughout the video. This has me excited for what the rest of the summer is going to look like for Vintage Lee, and the Elevator boost will definitely attract new fans to her unique style.

Follow Vintage Lee on soundcloud and twitter to stay updated on all of her best material, and don’t forget to show love as well!

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