*melodic distortion*

“Got some more time, why would I spend that shit with you?/I do not spend money with you..”

“Canada 2” is at last finding its way through the interwebs, thanks to the multifaceted Masuta finally allowing his creation to be viewed by the general public – an overdue honor for fans of the South Carolina artist. Shot primarily by Masuta himself, this video peeks into his carefully crafted world filled with yellow Japanese characters that help navigate the story of Blackboy, who spits some very based and cunning wordplay about what may or may not be done with the “bitch”. Accompanied by Yellowboy and Pinkboy, who appear to be the personified subconscious’ of Blackboy, all come together in unison whenever the playful hook of “You can fuck my bitch/Let me fuck yo bitch” arrives throughout this futuristic track. It cannot be emphasized enough that Masuta is also the mastermind behind this intricate and captivating beat – it feels like a new experience with hearing music occurs the moment the beat is introduced, and those same intense mental vibrations carry on for the remainder of the track. Truthfully, this is looking like the start of something monumental for Masuta, and we can all look forward to hopefully more visual offerings like this in the future.

Don’t forget to show major love for this, as it is Masuta’s first of many videos, and be sure to follow his soundcloud (Masuta) and twitter (Masuta1019) to stay updated on new tunes!

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