DRAM f. A$AP Rocky & Juicy J – Gilligan [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

As deep as we are into 2017, this has got to be one of the strangest videos I’ve seen in rap for this year – but in all of the right ways. For all of the different ways life could be interpreted, this one certainly takes the cake for weird, and I’m not only referring to all of the cake walking around throughout the video. There is just so much that went right for this – from the color landscapes and clothing choices to the variety of women included and on top of that having all three verses be somewhat memorable. In my honest opinion, a Juicy J and Rocky collaboration was something that rap needed until it couldn’t stand it anymore, and since we never got this, having them at least on the same song would suffice. DRAM is so durable that there was no way in hell this could not have worked, especially with his infectious vocals and enormous smile that is becoming something of a natural trademark for the singer.

Concerning the video itself; to bring the 70’s back in such a fashionable and modern way was what these artists were born to do, as they still made it appear dope even with the retro style of everything taking precedent in the video. The color schemes were on point – the usage of enriched dark pastels gave life the artists. The inclusion of different types of women rather than having just white women was big for me, it was very cool to see DRAM showing love to the exotic looking black woman – and I only say exotic because those eyebrows certainly are not from this Earth, but worked well on her.

Lastly, as mentioned before, I’m still going to wait patiently for that Rocky x Juicy tape, even if it has NEVER been in the works. Rocky himself has been absolutely killing every feature he has been on this year, and DRAM just keeps pushing out these crazy visuals. This definitely has to be a highlight of the year in some way; creativity like this is heavily needed in rap video’s nowadays, so I’m pleased to see DRAM aiding in that complicated venture with such a smile on his face!

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