Paris – No Place Like Heaven (Music Video)

“I’m a big dog/ brain probably smaller/ but at least I feel sexy ass fuck in my spiked collar”

Wow. You know that feeling of missing out on something momentarily life changing because you were too busy bullshitting in life to notice? Paris evokes this emotion constantly with the songs he drops, and this one is no different. Only a minute and forty-four seconds long, watch as he takes you inside the melancholy yet inspirational mind of a complex individual cursed with the undeniable power of painting Picasso’s through the mic. It’s like reality altering lines just ooze out of the pen with ease, as Paris delivers painfully relatable lyricism deeply comparable to Lil Ugly Mane, but in his own lane. His monotone vocals are in unison with this eloquent instrumentation, as it feels like he is talking directly to the listener with each line. Honestly, the flow on this joint is so potent that a few spins will never be enough to capture all of the beauty that is exposed for all to see on this track. As a huge fan of the way Paris conveys his despondent states, this has to be one of my favorites by him to date, and hoping for a continuation of superb videos like “No Place Like Heaven”.

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