Versace f. J-BAND$ – Sucka Free


“SUCKA FREE” by Versace is like a blast from the Trap past with a whole new spin on it, and the addition of J-Band$ for killer effect. The hand full of songs I’ve heard from Versace have always provided some insanely smooth bars, where, even on a track like this that has a harder beat, he is still able to effortlessly ride the beat with litte hesitation. There is no exception here, and the back and forth pattern with J-Band$ not only showed the hidden versatility in Versace’s flow, but also highlighted just how nice J-Band$ can flow on the beat as well. A lethal combination for such a fast paced track, one can only hope for more collabs like this ASAP.

Sidenote: ALL artists looking for great cover art such as this, please follow Paris on twitter at @parispowered !

Make sure to continue pressing play and show some love to t]he artist via their individual soundclouds

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