I’m talkin BIG THINGS…

BIG BACKYARD BOYS turn our youthful envy of wanting our own bouncy houses in our backyards into real life with their latest video “BIG THINGS”. There’s a lot to be said about a talented bunch that is able to make bouncing around in a colorful, inflatable playpen look like they are surrounded by Maybach’s and Ferrari’s – definitely not something just ANYBODY could make work. It felt like one was watching a mini AMV, with certain shots bringing an element of major creativity aside from just recording the artists as they were.

The fact that they are an eclectic bunch with dope personalized flows makes the scene even better – there were literally 3 separate flows that came together like Voltron and decimated this track from beginning to end. Paris, with bars that sounded like he was in a deep meditation with persuasion, assisted by the mellow Versace who had this high-low inflection that led to a very memorable verse. And SAMUEL, who put the cherry on top of this big ass sundae with his killer verse – a dream team such as this one wod certainly benefit from future collaborations.

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