Throwback: Ill AI Skratch – Where My Homiez? (Come Around My Way)

Shoutout to Joe Budden during an episode of Everyday Struggle for quickly mentioning these incredible cats. Upon butchering the name numerous times (ILLNI CRATCH, ILL EYES RATCH, etc), when I finally got it correct, an entire discography of dope jams were revealed to me. These two emcees went on an incredible little run, with their tracks doing some serious number on the charts and their faces being well known across the hip hop world.

Personally, I saw about 4 of their videos before writing them off as another failed duo. But they were so much more than that! The back and forth between the emcees on songs was damn near perfect, these flow masters clearly cared a great deal about how to perform. I can only imagine how they rocked a crowd, with a rugged and a smooth flow coexisting so effortlessly, any beat during that time could have benefited from an Ill AI Scratch collab. This is just one of many outstanding samples.

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