Kari Faux f. Jerry Paper – Gotta Know [Official Music Video]

So fuck how they market if there’s no soul in what they sellin!..

“Gotta Know” is the second track on Kari Faux’s latest mixtape  that dropped just last month titled “PRIMARY”, and the first thing one should play at the beginning of every week to stay grounded. The many styles of Faux are celebrated throughout this video, with her conveying somewhat of a more reserved appeal that is up to the city she roams to figure out. She says a lot without having to make her words complicated, yet they are bound to hit any listener’s soul because she has this inviting trance that subtlety demands that her tunes be  with an open mind.

For reasons I do not understand, this video should certainly have more views than it currently does. But Faux has always been a talent only certain individuals have been able to properly honor, and in hopes that she recognizes her work is greatly appreciated, I hope Faux continues to perpetuate artist freedom in her videos and songs as her career grows larger.

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