Rico Nasty – Key Lime OG [Official Music Video]


Another week, another Rico Nasty video the entire world has been blessed with, this time with a new smash called “KeyLime OG”. As the title suggests, Rico has entered into another form of greatness – a badass Power Puff [Puff Pass] Woman hell bent on having complete domination over the Earth between the grasp of her lavishly green acrylics. She carries quite the cadence with her on this track; grimy with a heavy dose of bluntness that makes it feel as though her flow is being pounded into my ear in an energetic manner I can still bounce to.

I have certainly heard the argument that artists tend to yell into a mic when they can’t rap, but for Rico Nasty, it is a way of life. If you’ve been following her career for the last year or so, it is more than evident that Rico is capable of spitting an amazing sixteen while still having a lollipop in her mouth. No, she is not going to deliver a typically “sweet female voice” as some might wish for –  there’s a serious beauty to be found in her deliverance on the mic because it is so pure, she can’t fake being anybody else but Rico Nasty. The rap game, in its current male-dominated state, only takes aim at the “girly-girl” aspect of her music, but Nasty is constantly dismantling industry BS through her work while still staying completely true to her and her influences. Here is just another prime example of her distorting public perception as she lyrically kicks ass and gives you a performance and video to remember.

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