BOSTON LIVE @ SMD Studios in Quincy, MA

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[BOSTON LIVE] Yesterday evening, a hand full of amazing artist around Boston (and more) came together for an intense night of bars, vibrations, and a overall loving comradery that filled the room on last night. Although this is not only a personal account of what went down, I honestly felt blessed to be in the presence of some rising stars and feel as though their artwork should be shared with you all. So, enough of that and let’s get into what made the night so electrifying, and certainly one to remember. 

DJ B-Law:

Host for a good part of the night, DJ B-Law was coming all the way from New York to rock with us, and I think Boston did an excellent job showing him the vast amount of talent hidden throughout the city. There was a moment before the next act was supposed to come up where B-Law goes something along the lines of, “.. So far everybody that has come up there has their own flow.. in NY it’s just crack this, crack that, but y’all different..”

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Hell Age:

This duo consists of CHRIS TOPHR and BROKE CHIC, who provided great energy throughout their set. My personal favorite joint by CHRIST TOPHR would have to be his “UP NOW” track, and he did the song justice by performing it last night for us. There was a brief moment where an associate of the group by the name of $mokeMidd arrived and expressed his love of the mid weed through song and, of course, mid smoke.

However, the duo aspect between these two artists was hard when “DOPE” came on – even if you didn’t know the words, you wanted to jam along to their amazing energy. Bangers such as this one definitely set the mood for the night, and it only went up from here.

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Another rising star in the making, this was my second opportunity to get to see him live, and it was just as magical as the first. First off, the speakers in the building (and this is only an assumption) could not handle his songs, so it appeared as if something was missing his first song.

But his natural energy and talent were so present that his songs shined through regardless, and he had the place rocking as soon as he got comfortable. There is just something about his style that I truly see expanding, if put in the right hands, and last night only confirmed how far his star power could go.

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P Dutch: 

Ayo, let me be the first to tell you about this man P Dutch, who I’ve been waiting to catch perform. When “NEED A LICK” had finally made its way onto soundcloud, that jam was being blasted at ignorant levels in my household, and that good hype lived up to its name last night.


He showed much love to the artists before and after him during his set. I know for a fact his demeanor and ability to continuously produce dope raps is an asset to set up a bright future with other Boston artists.

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One of smoothest and thrilling acts half way through the night, SAMUELL definitely put the crowd in a good place to be. “No Carti, bitch, this is Sammy/ Tryna win a Grammy” was a vibe for sure.

Even though he started off his set with “a song for the ladies”, the gentlemen were certainly rocking too, myself included, and it became a testament to just how infectious his sound is regardless of intended audience.

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Young Seuss:

If you’ve been paying attention to this site for awhile, you should already know who this is! One of the youngest artists in Boston setting the stage and doing this music thing exactly how he envisions it should be.


There is a lot to be said about a visionary that has outstanding crowd control – the essence of a true MC. His stories of finally turning 18 and being able to buy some papers put a huge smile on my face, as it has been a pleasure to see Seuss not just grow musically, but as a person. He went out there like there was a high probability it could be his last show; soul on display for all to see and feel.

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Omnijae, or better known as SK85UPER$TAR on stage, also came through with a quick performance that had the crowd going absolutely crazy. I mean, it was so hype that an encore was immediately asked for by myself and others in the audience, to which he wasn’t hesitant at first because it was such short notice. But as soon as he recognized the demand, that track played back and we proceeded to go ape shit to his joint.

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Joey V:

Aw man, there couldn’t have been a more grateful individual in that building last night than Joey V, who wasn’t originally placed on the line up but made his name known as if it should’ve already been included. From the moment he grabbed the mic, his expression of complete gratitude at the opportunity was surreal, as one could feel how genuine it was.

This song right here needs to reach beyond last night’s vicinity because this is truly an anthem. The amount of emotion Joey V performed it with brought a serious life to the track that, for a first time listener of his art, I wanted to dive into all of his work after this. It was an honor being around and seeing somebody that takes their craft so seriously, and I hope for more of these type jams in the near future.

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Plad Fine$$e:

It’s always great to see some of the bigger named artists in the city come out to support venues like last nights, and Plad Fine$$e certainly put on a show while he was there. Performing hits like “Cheese” and “Yellow Flame” there were times he didn’t even have to say much because the people knew it word for word. All in all, the young finesser is clearly on his way to establishing his name more with his upcoming tape, so be on the look out for that!

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HighKey Random:

A long time favorite here on, there are only a few amount of artists I’ve ever witnessed that have the energy and attention to crowd reaction like Random does. From the moment he hit the stage, it was like a whole new person filled the room, demanding to be felt as he laid out his songs.

The energy was so high and intense that a majority of the crowd wanted one or two more joints to be played before he left. However, one the the DJ’s unfortunately stated that “.. Ya only sent me 2 songs!”, and you could feel the room sigh with disappointment. Regardless, Random never fails to put on a show, and last night was yet another testament to that.

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Lil Drank: 

Although it was my first time meeting and greeting Lil Drank, his down to earth style and humor made it feel as though we’ve met before, and this extended throughout everyone in the room. Truth be told, I was mesmerized by his cadence – his sound is so unorthodox that it bleeds into the flow, which as a listener, kept me on my toes and wanting to hear more.

“WOW!” made me a fan almost the minute I heard the hook, and demonstrated to me just how versatile his flow can truly get. There was a moment where he went up again and noticed the crowd was getting tired, but somehow managed to re-hype us all up as if the show just started again. Honestly, one of my favorite performances of the night.

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Pe$o Boii:

With all of the videos dropping and songs coming out, I’m not sure the crowd understood how dope it is that Pe$o took the time to pop out and kept the show going long after it was winding down. This is somebody whose sound I have been championing to all my friends since last year, and yesterday night I finally got to see the upcoming legend in all his glory.

His ability to just keep a show alive almost had me in awe because I know niggas (especially myself) were dead tired, but you just HAD to sway side to side, bob your head or put a hand up when his songs came through. They have that effect, and I hope Boston is starting to recognize the greatness in Pe$o Boii.

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We were blessed with a new track by Pistola, who was graciously included in the line up at the last minute. Needless to say, Pistola is something of a household name around Boston, and the crowd reaction to his latest jam confirmed his mark around the state. Unfortunately, the footage I have will not post on here, but be sure to check out my twitter to see a seek peak of the track!

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King Bo$a: 

Lastly, King Bo$a helped to close out the night by performing 3-4 of his best songs, leading off with “Booted Up”. As a first time listener, I could definitely hear the potential through some of his lyricism, and a good ear for beat selection aided in ending the night on a good note. Although it had became very late by his set and much of the crowd had dispersed, his energy was as if he was performing in front of thousands still. I really appreciated his set, and hope he continues to improve his craft.

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And that folks, wraps up the event that went down last night. Thank you to SMD Studios out in Quincy for allowing us to celebrate Boston artists (Music and incredibly painters) one more time. Thank you to FreexWrld and Gone Broke as well for helping to put on such a grand show.





























































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